№ 6
SENIOR, dry to off-dry

2020s, Riesling, from slate slopes around Ayl

// Village Class

 Your all-rounder. Aromatic, juicy, vibrant, and fine.



18,53  / l

Delivery time: 2-3 Werktage

Grandfather Peter Lauer I (1906–1991) used to enjoy a bottle of Riesling every day. It smelled wonderful, tasted dry, but finely balanced with a hint of fruit on the palate. Every year, he chose a cask from Ayler Kupp. He placed particular emphasis on a single wine for all his guests, which appealed to both the dry wine drinker and the lover of fruity wines. As a tribute to this famous “Senior” wine, we vinify a worthy successor every year that grandfather would like to taste.

90/100, moselfinewines.com

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