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One of the most exclusive sparkling-wine packages in the world:

Three Riesling crémants that were allowed to be in contact with the lees for up to 35 years. Only now freshly disgorged. A tasting tour through the decades.  Should be served with special dishes.

For experienced connoisseurs!


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RÉSERVE 92, 1992er, Brût (27 years lees aging)
Complex bouquet of smoke, bacon, and peat. Wonderful in a large glass with white meat or vegetarian dishes with oriental spices.

RÉSERVE 87, 1987er, Zéro Dosage (32 years lees aging)
Soy sauce, cut grass, straightforward… mineral-accentuated purism clearly calls for sashimi, fish, or oysters with bergamot juice.

RÉSERVE 84, 1984er, Brut Natur (35 years lees aging)
The finest aromas of apricot, lovage, and nutmeg – fantastic with tapas, air-dried ham or vegetarian dishes with nuts or pine nuts.


A total of 3 bottles crémant à 750 ml (total volume: 2.25 l)

Tasting note / recommendation

1984, 1987, 1992