2o18er Riesling-Essenz from the Sonneberg

// finest TBA with great concentration and aging potential


800,00  / l

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Fog in the morning, sun at noon. This is the magic formula for the highest essence of Saar Riesling.
Only the best dried individual berries, dried raisins, may be collected during the harvest. From these we press the concentrated aromas, sugars and flavors, sometimes for days.

About 200 liters of dried raisins yield only 10 liters of the most concentrated Trockenbeerenauslese essence.

The reward is incomparable growths with fabulous structure and longevity: clashing highly concentrated slate minerality competes with fruit and spice that is opulent beyond measure.

This wine is legendary – immortal.

96/1oo Fisch & Rayer, 2o23