Sparkling package

One of the most exclusive sparkling-wine packages in the world:

Three Riesling crémants that were allowed to be in contact with the lees for up to 29 years. Only now freshly disgorged. A tasting tour through the decades.  Should be served with special dishes.

For experienced connoisseurs!


119,56  / l


Saar Riesling, 2021s, Brut (25 months lees aging)
Fine, balanced, fruity. First-class aperitif from traditional, artisanal production. For spicy starter.

RÉSERVE 92, 1992s, Brut (360 months lees aging)
Complex bouquet of smoke, bacon and peat. Wonderful in a large glass with white meat or vegetarian dishes with oriental spices.

GRANDE RÉSERVE 84, 1984, Brut Nature (432 months lees aging)
Rarity from our Grand Cru sites in the Saarvalley. Fantastic bouquet of almond butter, macadamia and hazelnut, fresh nougat, and lovage. Powerful mineral salt. (Use large glasses !)


A total of 3 bottles crémant à 750 ml (total volume: 2.25 l)

Tasting note / recommendation

1984, 1992, 2017

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