hot slate sites and cool winds

Best sites in and around Ayl on the Saar

Here, in the Saar Valley, the nature and character of individual sites decide more than anywhere else in the world of wine about the style of wine that is created there. This influences the daily life of the vines, and thus leads to different grapes and ultimately different wines depending on their point of origin. [All vineyards are explained in the video.]

We produce Riesling wines from the following sites around Ayl: AYLER KUPP, FEILS, and SCHONFELS.

Within these separate hillsides, we have parcels with particularly old vines (up to 100 years old), which are characterized by a special microclimate, and thus produce unmistakable wines. These parcels are vinified separately and embody “terroir” at the highest level. That is the sense of place taken to the extremes of course. Riesling for advanced people.

Weinanbaugebiet Mosel - Weingut Peter Lauer an der Saar