№ 13
FEILS GG, trocken

2o19er Riesling from the bank of the Saar

// VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS, herbal notes and quince. Opulent, full-bodied

Limited to one bottle per household!


50,00  / l

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In ancient times, when a mighty river covered the Saar Valley, the water left behind sand, gravel, and stones. The young Saar River cut its way into this old riverbed and created the steep gravel slope called Feils, which is located on a peninsula and planted with old vines. These vines are deeply rooted, perpendicular to the groundwater without hitting rock. Feils, a particularly warm site, whose soil is similar to the Médoc, impresses with its opulent flavor of fresh herbs. Mint, ethereal notes, and exoticism combine to create a unique dry Saar Riesling.

97 / 100 JamesSuckling.com

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